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Desire to Serve. Courage to Act!

Who, What and How?

Bahadourian Protections is a private security guard company based in Southern California. We provide unarmed, armed sentry and vehicle patrol security services to a broad list of industries including, commercial, industrial, new construction projects and home owner associations.

No client is too small or too large. Our number one priority is to our clients’ and their concerns. Our paramount goal is to provide a level of security services which exceeds our clients’ expectations — by being attentive to their needs and maintaining an open line of communication with them. We strive to maintain excellence.
Anything less, is simply not acceptable.

Why Consider Us?

Investment in a security can help significantly reduce company’s vulnerability to many factors that threaten performance, facilities, and employees.

Manned security is probably the only true effective form of reducing vandalism, theft and criminal damages to property and aggressive behavior towards staff and service users.

Bahadourian Protections was established specifically to meet this demand by providing a professional and pro-active security service to businesses seeking security solutions that can be relied upon.
         At Bahadourian Protections, we provide a comprehensive spectrum of manned security services — from one-man to a multi-manned security team.

Services We Offer

We provide highly-trained, professional, uniformed unarmed/armed personnel for following types of assignments:

  • _ Office Buildings
  • _ Retail and Medical Centers
  • _ Temporary Promotional Events
  • _ Locking/Unlocking Buildings & Gates
  • _ Homeowner Associations

Contact Us

Bahadourian Protections, Inc.

725 Rim Road
Pasadena, California 91107
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